Ivan Lapatov – architect

Before Monument “1300 years Bulgaria” in Sofia, there is another one – a monument “200 years BULGARIA” Madara Rider.
Relief carved in 715 AD, the rocks on the Madara Plateau in memory of war victims and migrations of high culture of Gandhara, is connected to distant 515 AD, and the divine image of Bulgarian princess.
There are times in the space-time unity when events are expressed by art form and shape never change, whatever it is. Such moments are described as inflection points in time. Many of these points build continuum of Truth, Meaning and History in the concept of Eternity.
The destruction of the monument “1300 years Bulgaria” is an assumption and anxiously awaiting the removal of the Madara Horseman.
If deform the truth about 1300 years in the past, why not deform for another 200 years. Without knowledge that it is possible Past pass through a nonlinear Future.
Withdrawal of the art form is a pathological deficiency idea of productive power of nature and does not remove the timing of carrying values of our social activity in Eternity.
A sense of history is achieved by adding, not by forfeiture of inflection points of the set of Infinity.